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Learn more about Cuba's fascinating rhythms and moves with our two-hour mini tour.




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Globe Goers  UK Ltd

Durée du programme: 2 horaires

Available sessions: Morning, Afternoon

Available days: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday

Saison disponible: Toute l'année

Langues offertes: English, Spanish

Maximum de personnes: 12 personne(s) - Teenagers, Young adults, Adults, Elderly

Ce que vous allez vivre?

There’s probably no better place for getting in touch with salsa dance and Cuban percussion than Old Havana’s Casa del Son. There, professional dancers and musicians, all friendly and fully qualified, will stand by your side during two straight hours while you finally learn the basic salsa moves (1 hr.) and catch the sexy, exotic rhythm of the Afro Cuban tumbadoras (1 hr.). A two-hour Havana city tour to start feeling Cuba through its music and dances.

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Le point de rencontre sera situé à l'adresse suivante Floridita

· Old Havana's Casa del Son

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We are an online British travel agency that emphasises on the quality and the authenticity of your stays in Cuba. We are an experienced team from the travel agency Globe Goers UK Ltd, full of ambitions and goals dedicated to offer you the best Casas and Experiences in Cuba.

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