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Experience - Old Havana - Havana - Cuba

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Recreate Hemingway's steps visiting some of his favourite places in Old Havana



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Durée du programme: 2 horaires

Available sessions: Morning, Afternoon

Available days: All days but Sunday

Saison disponible: Toute l'année

Langues offertes: English, Spanish

Maximum de personnes: 9 personne(s) - Tous les âges

Ce que vous allez vivre?

If you are looking for inspiration (the kind Hemingway found whilst in Cuba) following his footsteps along Old Havana is probably the best way to do it. It took him almost 20 years to make Havana is 2nd hometown and also, his muse. He found inspiration and creativity here, more specifically at room 511 in hotel Ambos Mundos, which became the fortress to his writing kingdom. His routine of walking everyday from the Hotel to the Floridita Bar to take a daiquiri is something people still do to celebrate him, some even say this is the perfect cocktail to get inspired and write amazing novels.

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Le point de rencontre sera situé à l'adresse suivante Floridita

· Hotel Ambos Mundos
· Floridita
· Bodeguita del Medio

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