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A tour not only for shopping but also an opportunity to get inside Havana’s designers, artisans and craftsmen and women.



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Hosted by Globe Goers UK Ltd

Globe Goers  UK Ltd

Duration: 2 hours

Available sessions: Morning, Afternoon

Available days: All days

Available season: All year

Offered Languages: English, Spanish

Max. of person: 9 person(s) - All ages

What you will experience

A tour not only for shopping but also an opportunity to get inside Havana's designers, artisans and craftsmen and women. With this two-hour mini tour you can learn more about the tradition of arts and crafts in Cuba, and even get to see a few of the capital’s food markets. You will get to see a very wide representation of this infinite world where the artisan is also an incredible artist. Instead of focusing on a fixed field like clothing or souvenirs, you can have it all in one great shopping excursion.

What will I provide you?

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The meeting point will be at Obispo Street

· Obispo Artcraft Fair
· Piscolabis Bazaar
· Zulu Store
· Clandestina Store


We are an online British travel agency that emphasises on the quality and the authenticity of your stays in Cuba. We are an experienced team from the travel agency Globe Goers UK Ltd, full of ambitions and goals dedicated to offer you the best Casas and Experiences in Cuba.

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