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La Moneda Cubana,  Old Havana Havana

Owner: No available
Food: Cuban ,  International
Location: Old Havana, Havana
Address: Empedrado # 152 / Mercaderes y San Ignacio
Phone: 8615304

Located at the entrance of the Plaza of the Havana Cathedral, la Moneda Cubana had its beginnings in 1924 where they sold food and liquor among other items.

Today, this restaurant-paladar welcomes its customers with the Cuban house warm and its most exquisite Cuban flavors while they enjoy the beauty of the colonial Old Havana and the wonderful views that can be seen from la Moneda Cubana.

The cuisine is characterized by dishes of the international cuisine with delicious and unique flavors of our house. We have a variety of fresh products such as pork, lamb, beef, chicken, fish, seafood and vegetables to elaborate salads or as a side for your meal, the ones are prepared by our chefs who are connoisseurs of Cuban and international cuisine.

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