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Havana,  Miramar Havana


Owner: Celestina Daniel
License: NA
Place: Miramar
Address: Calle 26 entre 3ra y 5ta playa ,Miramar
Rooms: 3
Phone: 7-202-2773
Mobile: 05-290-9085

Large apartment available in Havana, Cuba Miramar!

• great view

• 1 and a half blocks away from the coast

• The most prestigious part of Havana

• Near the Canadian embassy

• One large bed room king size bed

• One large eaten kitchen

• Oversize complete bath

• Living room/ dining room

• Beautiful Tarrasa (Balcony)

• Overlooking a breathtaking park.

• Electricity, gas included.

• This apartment is new as are all the appliances (antique furniture).

$1500 c.u.c per month and 1 year minimum ( approximately 1500 U.S.D).

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