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Casa de Berta,  Vedado Havana

Casa de Berta

Owner: Esteban Reyes
Place: Vedado
Address: Calle F e/e Calzada y 5, Vedado, Havana.
Rooms: 2
Phone: 4166279751
Mobile: 4166279751

You can rent a full renovated, well ventilated, spacious, clean and beautiful 2 bedrooms apartment-floor located at Vedado Havana, Cuba, the downtown and vibrant neighborhood in the city of Havana. When in the 95% of the rental units in Cuba you have to split your stay with the owners, in our apartment you have the opportunity to enjoy your stay alone, that’s a huge difference!

Easily from the windows you will be relaxed by enjoying views of the straits of Florida, taking full advantage of the splendid location. Two blocks from the unit right in the corner of Presidents Ave., you reach the hotel roc President and there you can take advantage of such services as Taxi, Wi-Fi, trip plans, money exchange and more. By driving you are a few minutes away from Old Havana and less than half hour from the East beaches!!

Just in Vedado, it is at a walking distance from the main trading offices, a few blocks from La Rampa, the entertainment hub of the Havana. The apartment is relatively close to the bicentennial University of Havana and to the popular ice-cream parlor Coppelia and much more!!

. . . The night live is amazing!! You do not necessarily need to drive from the apartment to get fun and enjoy at night. The area is surrounded of dozens of pubs, restaurants, disco, night clubs and live shows.

Let the magic of this city infect you and you will always yearn to return to the capital of the largest Caribbean island!

According to the apartment standard in Habana, this apartment is classified as a top average one. Just in January 2016 some appliances have been replaced and other renovations have been carried out due the vandalizing of some unscrupulous guests. We would like the guests to be aware of that and to help us to keep the apartment in good conditions during the stay period. We want you to enjoy during your rental period but at the same time to take care of the property and the amenities inside. Remember that during your stay you will have the entire privacy since only you will have access to the unit. The property manager will appear only by your request or when needed with previous advice. We will really appreciate your efforts in this sense!

The price for the entire unit is only 45.00 CUC and 15.00 CUC per additional guest/night!

Just enjoy it!!

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These pictures show the apartment and the surrounding areas.

This is the geo location of the unit:,-82.3952420

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Living room

corridor to bedrooms

windows view (north side)


windows view (north east)

bed room


master bedroom


dining room

surrounding areas

surrounding areas

corridor to living room