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Casa Gran Habana,  Central Havana Havana

Casa Gran Habana

Owner: Julio Carmenate
License: 1962/12
Place: Central Havana
Address: San Martín (San José) No. 1105 apto. 2 entre Infanta y San Francisco, Centro Habana,
Rooms: 1 double room
Phone: +5378774362
Mobile: +5378774362


Great Havana House is a particular foreign tourists rent house, legally registered, whose priority is to offer customers an excellent service, with safety, comfort, privacy and everything needed to make guests feel at home. Our house is an apartment that is located on the second and top floor and has the following spaces: living room, two bedrooms (one heated), interspersed bathroom, kitchen, balcony and side aisle. You have access to the roof top you can enjoy a beautiful view of the city and a wonderful sunset.

Great Havana House is located in the center of the city, accessible from anywhere in the city, whether by car, taxi and bus, close to the main tourist attractions of the city for the enjoyment of visitors that will make you fall in love with this wonderful city. With Great Havana House have all the information necessary to optimize their time and memories, as well as an exquisite thinking of you. We await you in Great Havana House, where you always win.

Great Havana House Rules:

- Input and output are free without time restrictions.

- Payment is due upon arrival of guests and will receive proof of payment.

- Do not allow prostitution or drugs of any kind.

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