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Susana,  Miramar Havana


Owner: Susana Rieumont
License: 423/03
Place: Miramar
Address: calle 22 No.3506 entre 35 y 37, Playa
Rooms: 1
Phone: (537)8815885, (537)2094644
Mobile: 052945485

We rent Independent Duplex in Miramar (in front of a beautiful park ,near the Cira Garcia Hospital and Casa de la Musica in Miramar). A very nice neighborhood of Havana, near by there are several restaurants-paladares. Well connected: around 10 minutes from downtown .

The apartment is independent and newly renovated.

Downstairs there are a garden, garage, porch, living room, kitchen and upstairs is a large room with a dressing room and private bathroom.

Cold/hot water, air conditioner, cleaning and washing service and breakfast.

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