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Casalita,  Old Havana Havana


Owner: Mary
Place: Old Havana
Address: 358 Empedrado Street, 2nd Floor, b/ Habana and Compostela, Old Havana, Havana, Cuba
Rooms: 2
Phone: +537 867 5003 / +537 862 3362
Mobile: +535 291 4219

CASALITA is a complete apartment with two bedrooms and a bathroom which can be used by both rooms, kitchen, dinning room and large window overlooking Empedrado, very busy street and busy until the wee hours of the morning, quiet apartment but located in a very moved area.

Accommodation suitable for a concept of families, friendships marriages with children, intimate environment where they can share something as important as the bathroom, in the future will be the service of dinners and breakfasts.

CASALITA has a privileged location in the historical center and a very good cultural wealth, given the proximity to historical places of Old Havana. There are five important squares nearby: Armas Square, Cathedral Square, Old Plaza, Plaza Of the Christ and the Plaza of San Ignacio, besides the near architectural wonders as the Bacardi Building, the Capitol, National Theater. Are very close too La Bodeguita del Medio, the Cruise Terminal and several restaurants that have opened new in the town.

You can walk or bike on the road, finding everything very close, where the city of Havana is born.

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Living Room

Dinning Room